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Protect your business from unwanted use of your images and videos.

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Identify the sources of leaks with our invisible digital watermark

Before sharing sensitive assets, secure them with an invisible ID.
Easily detect the source of leakage

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Track copies of your photos and videos through our monitoring platform

Monitor your assets online to:
• Prevent brand erosion
• Detect unauthorized page
• Calculate earned media

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Authenticity & AI Detection

June 14, 2024

California's Groundbreaking Legislation: The "California Provenance, Authenticity and Watermarking Standards Act"

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Brand content protection

May 30, 2024

Optimizing Digital Asset Management with Watermarking Technology

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Authenticity & AI Detection

April 9, 2024

European AI Act: Mandatory Labeling for AI-Generated Content

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Tools forged with the most performing technologies

Invisible watermarking

Inserts hidden identifiers into your visual content to help identify disclosed assets or optimize recognition of very similar images.

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Visual recognition

Our reverse image search can reach tens of millions of searches per day and recognizes your content even altered by geometry, cropping, size, compression.

Custom crawling

Combined with sources from our exploration partners, our custom crawlers provide the most qualified image and video search database for your business.

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