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How to protect digital assets online?

To prevent content leaks, find out who is leaking your assets. Secretly secure your images and videos with an invisible watermark before releasing them.

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How Imatag Leaks works

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Watermark your campaigns

• Upload campaign visuals and photo sets, register recipients
• Mass creation of copies marked per recipient

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Send marked copies

• Download as a zip folder (one file per recipient)
• Send to recipients
• …wait for leaks

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Detect the source of the leak

• Upload the suspect file
• Identify the original source of the leak

Why choose Imatag to protect your digital assets?

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Digital watermarking

Our patented digital watermarking technology is the most reliable way to combat leaks.

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The ID inserted in our pixel resists compression, crop, resizing and color filters.

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Our image processing respects the quality of your photos and visuals.

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A considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique watermark.

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High-performance digital asset protection

Digital assets are an integral part of any business today, and ensuring the security and protection of these assets is crucial. Visual content leaks can have serious consequences for a company, such as fall in sales, bad press or counterfeiting. The smartest way to protect visual data is through the use of digital watermarking.

Invisible digital watermarking is a process by which a hidden identifier is embedded to a digital asset, such as an image, a video or a creative work file. This allows businesses to protect their intellectual property and prevent unauthorized access or distribution of their assets, whether files are shared between employees or externally.

Imatag offers a robust invisible watermarking, which is imperceivable and does not distort or degrade the quality of your assets. It allows tracking images on specific websites, social media and marketplaces, and detecting potential leaks on the internet.

In addition to protecting accounts, passwords and software, it is important to consider the storage and management of digital assets. Many businesses are now using cloud-based solutions, which can provide a range of benefits including increased accessibility and scalability. However, it’s important to ensure that these systems are secure and that appropriate measures are in place to protect against leaks.

By placing an invisible watermark on your brand’s visuals, you will be able to track and monitor where and how your digital assets are used online. Support your digital brand protection services by securing your visual files and minimizing the risks of counterfeiting.

Thanks to our forensic watermarking API, Imatag solution integrates quickly and seamlessly into your company’s content management system (CMS) or digital asset management (DAM) systems.

Secure your assets online to minimize the risk of leaks

Include an invisible watermark to your visuals to track their use

Get real time notifications in case of a leak

Save time and money thanks to an automated content monitoring tool