Forensic Watermarking for Visual Asset Protection

Secure your images and videos with our robust forensic watermarking technology, ensuring content integrity with advanced leak detection and traitor tracing capabilities.

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Learn how to protect your visual content

Unauthorized distribution of digital assets can significantly increase security risks for businesses. That's where forensic watermarking technology comes in.
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Content Protection

Our forensic watermark acts as a digital signature, allowing content creators to track assets across platforms, ensuring image integrity.

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Leak Detection

Identify unauthorized leaks to mitigate risks like revenue loss, bad press, or counterfeiting.

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Traitor tracing

With digital watermarks, trace leaks to hold those responsible accountable and prevent further disclosures.

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Legal Assurance

Enhance legal standing with concrete evidence of ownership and copyright protection.

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Real-World Applications of Forensic Watermarking

Employee Leaking Confidential Information

In-house staff leaking sensitive information can be swiftly detected and traced with forensic watermarking, allowing immediate action.

Accidental disclosure of Confidential Information


Despite best intentions, accidental leaks happen. Forensic watermarking quickly identifies and traces inadvertent disclosures to prevent further harm.

Tracing Provenance Across Multiple Distribution Channels


Leverage our forensic watermarking for multitagging. Embed multiple identifiers in a photo for efficient origin tracking across channels.

Image Protection in the Media/Publishing Industry


Publishers rely on image forensic watermarking to protect digital content, ensuring integrity, rights preservation, and revenue security.

Ensuring Authenticity and Integrity


Even if manipulated, our watermark leaves a trace, revealing tampering. Our solution instantly detects these marks, ensuring digital content integrity.

Unveiling Image History


Forensic watermarking in the C2PA framework retrieves image manifests, revealing full history from origin to present state.

Why Choose Our Forensic Watermarking Solution

Premium security measures

Our solution invisibly embeds watermarks in every frame, ensuring unrivaled asset security across platforms.

Preserve image quality

Imatag’s watermarking technology preserves your images' visual integrity invisibly, maintaining aesthetics and quality.

Indestructible protection

Our unique watermark is resilient to compression, cropping, scaling, and screenshots, providing permanent protection to your files.

2-in-1 Solution

Imatag's watermarking solution uniquely protects video images and promotional materials, tracking each frame even on short video excerpts, setting us apart from competitors.

Efficient Workflow

Imatag seamlessly integrates with your existing processes (CMS, DRM, DAM), streamlining operations from marking to tracking for efficient asset management.


Yes, there are distinct differences between digital watermarking, forensic watermarking, and steganography, each offering unique capabilities for content identification, traceability, intellectual property protection, and undetectable traitor tracing. Let's explore each term in the context of IMATAG and its specific applications:

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is designed to work with videos, providing robust protection and traceability for your video content. However, it's important to highlight that our software is not designed for real-time video encoding, such as live streaming or broadcast applications. Instead, it focuses on providing post-processing capabilities for video files, ensuring that the watermarked content can be analyzed and tracked after it has been created.

Here's how our forensic watermarking solution for videos operates:

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is specifically designed to work with images, providing comprehensive protection and traceability for your visual content. Unlike other types of forensic watermarks that may be optimized for different media, our solution is tailored for image-based assets.

No, our forensic watermarking software is not designed for audio files. Digital watermarking techniques differ across different media types, and while our software excels in protecting other types of content, such as images and videos, it is not designed for audio files. 

Imatag holds multiple patents in the fields of digital watermarking and content-based image retrieval. The company has exclusive rights to patents from INRIA, a renowned French institute in computer science, shareholder of Imatag.

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Maximizing Content Protection with Forensic Watermarking Technology

Forensic watermarking technology represents the pinnacle of content protection in the digital age. By embedding imperceptible identifiers directly into digital media, this innovative solution ensures unparalleled security and traceability for your valuable assets.

At the core of forensic watermarking lies sophisticated algorithms and techniques that enable the seamless integration of watermarks into images and videos. These watermarks are intelligently designed to be invisible to the naked eye, yet robust enough to withstand compression, cropping, and other forms of manipulation.

Moreover, forensic watermarking technology offers real-time detection and monitoring capabilities, allowing content creators to track the distribution of their media assets across various platforms and channels. With this level of visibility, businesses can quickly identify and address instances of unauthorized usage, piracy, and copyright infringement.

Furthermore, forensic watermarking ensures scalability and flexibility, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you can leverage the power of forensic watermarking to protect your digital content and safeguard your intellectual property rights.

Invisible Watermark Embedding

Real-Time Detection and Monitoring

Scalable and Flexible Deployment

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