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Integrate the latest generation of Digital Watermark

Enhance your existing workflow with high-performance solutions to:

  • Tag sensitive content with traceable ID
  • Check copyright compliance
  • Deploy fraud detection solutions
  • Verify match from reverse image search
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All-in-one watermark-based solutions for various purposes

Digital Watermarking illustration

Digital Watermarking API

Imatag's digital watermarking API allows you to integrate and automate the invisible tagging of your images and videos in your visual content management processes. For large-scale watermarking, we also offer on-premise software, according to your convenience.

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Forensic Watermarking API

Integrate the best traitor tracing (or forensic steganography) technology into your workflows. Use our API to hide an invisible identifier in your sensitive images or videos, without altering them or arousing the suspicion of your recipient. Then, in case of a leak, use the same API to detect this identifier in the disclosed content.

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Visual Asset Tracking API

Integrate Imatag's visual asset tracking to automatically monitor your own images on the Internet. 100% reliable, image recognition is verified by invisible watermark. Get reports on where your content is most visible.

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List of features


Apply an invisible watermark on an image or video file. Then, the watermarked file can be downloaded for distribution to your customers or registered as a media to be tracked on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Query by image our search engine and get a list of all web matches (similar and watermarked) found on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Control the crawling sessions for specific websites (requires custom crawling option). By default, crawlers browse the public web randomly.

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Schedule searches on images and, depending on your pricing plan, PDF documents. Monitor the status of these searches and access their results.

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Upload, save and manage your media on IMATAG. All registered media will be watermarked and searched on the web. Their encryption key is also stored.

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Watermarking Software (on-premise)

Depending on your service plan, the IMATAG watermarking software watermarks on-premise your images before registering them on the API media endpoint.

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