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Automate the invisible tagging of your images and videos with our digital watermarking API.

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Thanks to our patented process, we discreetly place an imperceptible identifier at the pixel level of images or videos. Our watermark does not alter the quality of your image.



This invisible watermark allows us to identify your content on the web, whether it has been resized, cropped or cropped, posted on social media, or copied via a screenshot.



Reach high volumes of watermarked assets without slowing down your existing process or workflow.

Certified match


Remove the uncertainty of visual recognition by ruling out false positives. A certified match avoids to spend time and resources on checking similar images.

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List of features


Apply an invisible watermark on an image or video file. Then, the watermarked file can be downloaded for distribution to your customers or registered as a media to be tracked on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Query by image our search engine and get a list of all web matches (similar and watermarked) found on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Schedule searches on images and, depending on your pricing plan, PDF documents. Monitor the status of these searches and access their results.

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Upload, save and manage your media on IMATAG. All registered media will be watermarked and searched on the web. Their encryption key is also stored.

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Watermarking Software (on-premise)

Depending on your service plan, the IMATAG watermarking software watermarks on-premise your images before registering them on the API media endpoint.

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Why choose Imatag's Digital Watermarking API ?

Error-free Visual Recognition
Most reverse image search solutions give unreliable matches. A watermark-based solution automatically eliminates similar images and keeps only certified matches. Both solutions can work together.

Proof of ownership
Applying a digital watermark to your images and videos is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased. It is the most reliable way to script automated processes such as invoicing, DMCA, or reporting.

Forensics, Traitor tracing
Mark your visual content before distributing it to identify the source in case of a leak. Recommended for embargoed visuals, sensitive documents, paid content.

Easy to use



Works for images and videos


Imatag holds multiple patents in the fields of digital watermarking and content-based image retrieval. The company has exclusive rights to patents from INRIA, a renowned French institute in computer science, shareholder of Imatag.

If you want to try out our API in a secure playground, we can create your own account with a limited 10Mb quota on the uploads folder.

Unleash the Power of Watermark API for Seamless Image Protection

With Watermarking APIs, businesses and content creators now have an efficient and scalable solution to implement robust image protection. Discover the  benefits of integrating a Watermark API into your workflow, for Seamless Image Protection.

No, our forensic watermarking software is not designed for audio files. Digital watermarking techniques differ across different media types, and while our software excels in protecting other types of content, such as images and videos, it is not designed for audio files. 

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is specifically designed to work with images, providing comprehensive protection and traceability for your visual content. Unlike other types of forensic watermarks that may be optimized for different media, our solution is tailored for image-based assets.

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is designed to work with videos, providing robust protection and traceability for your video content. However, it's important to highlight that our software is not designed for real-time video encoding, such as live streaming or broadcast applications. Instead, it focuses on providing post-processing capabilities for video files, ensuring that the watermarked content can be analyzed and tracked after it has been created.

Here's how our forensic watermarking solution for videos operates:

Yes, there are distinct differences between digital watermarking, forensic watermarking, and steganography, each offering unique capabilities for content identification, traceability, intellectual property protection, and undetectable traitor tracing. Let's explore each term in the context of IMATAG and its specific applications:

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