Digital Watermarking: Is your content safe online?

Protect your business from unwanted use of your images and videos.

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Our products

Identify the sources of leaks with our invisible digital watermark

Before sharing sensitive assets, secure them with an invisible ID.
Easily detect the source of leakage

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Track copies of your photos and videos through our monitoring platform

Monitor your assets online to:

  • Prevent brand erosion
  • Detect unauthorized page
  • Calculate earned media
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Tools forged with the most performing technologies

  • Invisible watermarking

    Inserts hidden identifiers into your visual content to help identify disclosed assets or optimize recognition of very similar images.
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  • Visual recognition

    Our reverse image search can reach tens of millions of searches per day and recognizes your content even altered by geometry, cropping, size, compression.
  • Custom crawling

    Combined with sources from our exploration partners, our custom crawlers provide the most qualified image and video search database for your business.
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