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About us

As the world's leading supplier of invisible digital watermarks, IMATAG protects businesses against the unauthorized use of their images and videos, preserving their value and integrity.

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Our vision


Robust invisible watermarking since 2015.


Research and development at the core of our strategy.


Innovative solutions serving client needs


Data integrity, security and rights protection.

"Our vision goes beyond technology. We believe in defending the value of images, whether in terms of their rights (licences and intellectual property) or the associated economic issues (product leaks before launch, damage to a brand's reputation)."

Mathieu Desoubeaux, CEO

Our team

Meet the dedicated professionals driving innovation and excellence at IMATAG.

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Teddy Furon

Watermarking scientist

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Mathieu Desoubeaux

Chief Executive Officer

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Jonathan Delhumeau

Chief Technology Officer

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Vivien Chappelier

R&D and Senior System Architect

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Thierry Secretan

Strategic Alliances News Market Manager

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Christine Deschaseaux

Marketing Director

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David Kremer

Dev and Ops Manager

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Sarah Bohuon

Administrative, Financial & HR Manager

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Igor Bolombo-Mouazan

EMEA Key Account Manager

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Mylène Maizières

Legal expert

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Anthony Level

AI Regulatory and Legal Strategy Lead

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Guillaume Le Noé-Bienvenu

Back-End Engineer

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Vedran Vukotić


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Morgan Brehinier

Front-End Developer

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David Martin

Back-End Engineer

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Gautier Evennou

PhD engineer in generative AI

Our history


Patent & Founding

Imatag was founded by INRIA's digital watermarking and visual recognition specialists, targeting the issue of photos shared without proper credit or metadata—no author, no description, no source.

Our patented digital watermark technology emerged as a solution to fight against copyright infringement and to streamline usage billing.


Recognised & Embraced

Our watermarking solution quickly gained recognition among photographers and industrial users as a superior, cost-effective alternative.

We expanded our offerings with advanced tracking, leak detection, and visual monitoring services, always prioritizing visual recognition innovation.


Imatag, today

Imatag stands out as the leading choice among over a hundred prestigious B2B clients, driven by our dedication to image value protection.

We are now addressing new societal challenges by launching services focused on verifying the origin and authenticity of images, catering to both traditional agencies and the emerging realm of AI-generated content.

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Back-End Engineer (Python, Django)