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How to track images online?

Find out who is using your visual content. Track your images and videos across the internet to detect unauthorized use, prevent brand erosion, and calculate earned media.

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How Imatag Monitor works

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How Imatag Monitor works

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Register assets

• Copies of your content are saved on IMATAG’s database
• Replace your digital assets with watermarked copies

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Search matches

• Our random and custom crawlers parse the web for visual content 24/7
• Our visual recognition algorithm spots every content matching yours, even modified

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Monitor and analyse

• Extensive list of web sources where your content was found.
• Decision-making data including match type (similar/certified), site’s popularity…

Why choose it?

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Certified Matches

Unlike traditional image search engines, we certify our matches through watermark detection.

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Reverse Image Search

Our tool combines searches from multiple sources to speed up and optimize results.

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Custom Crawling

On demand, scans custom websites and social media accounts to retrieve visual data, including from video.

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PDF Scanning

Search your images in PDF documents, catalogs, magazines.

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High-performance digital asset protection

With Imatag, upload your digital assets and use their watermarked version for publication. Imatag Monitor will immediately crawl the web to find your content, constantly comparing your images and videos to those found on the web, and recognizing similars. Thanks to the watermark detection, search matches are 100% more reliable than with a simple similarity recognition.

How people share your content online is a telling indicator to calculate the reach of your campaigns. Imatag offers you a detailed report listing of each website in which your brand’s photos and videos appear, with valuable indicators per site, such as world ranking.

Assess reach and exposure and understand the influence of your assets on different types of media. Monitor your product images and check retail brand compliance on the internet.

By tracking your images online with Imatag Monitor you can quickly analyze whether a usage is authorized and compliant. Boost your brand protection by detecting copyright and intellectual property infringement, and fight against counterfeiting and illegal sales.

Our reverse image search and monitoring API integrates quickly and seamlessly into your organization’s content management system (CMS) or digital asset management (DAM) systems.

Save time and money thanks to an automated content monitoring tool

Enhanced visual recognition, eliminates false positives

Secure and scalable solution for digital asset tracking

Seamless and easy workflow integration