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Digital Brand Protection Solution

Protecting IP and fighting counterfeiting starts very early upstream, with the protection and monitoring of product assets.

Your challenges

Track illegal sales online

Identify sources of counterfeit and illegal sales before they really damage your brand.

Prevent scams and fake products

Stop scams and fake product manufacturers benefitting from leaked imagery of unreleased products.

Verify brand content compliance

Check that your brand content is used correctly and complies with your standards.

Monitoring online content

LEAKS - Protect your sensitive content

Watermark your brand content

Watermark your brand content

For every sensitive asset, use our forensic watermark solution to create a unique copy per recipient. Then, just send the marked files to your recipients… and wait for leaks.

Identify the source of leak

Identify the source of leak

In case of a leak, upload the suspicious copy — or a screenshot — to Imatag Leaks and our patented digital watermark will detect the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your brand content online

Detect IP and copyright infringement

Detect IP and copyright infringement

Imatag’s Monitor solution offers a detailed report list of all the websites your brand content appears in, enabling you to quickly analyze whether a usage is authorized and compliant.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of Ownership

Applying a digital watermark to your photos or videos is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased.

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Why choose us to protect your brand?

Brand protection threats are real and leaked product images are used for manufacturing counterfeit goods and stealing your revenue. These infringements have a negative effect on your business and reputation.

Monitoring product images on specific websites, social media and marketplaces allows brands to learn about consumer preferences and helps them to prevent their customers from buying counterfeit products.

Imatag’s solutions allow brands to find intellectual property infringements and help protect their products from counterfeiting. Our reverse image search combined with watermark detection gives 100% certified matches, allowing brands to identify websites that are likely to sell gray market goods or misuse the brand attributes.

As our invisible digital watermarking technology does not alter the visual appearance, it provides brand protection services with a way to ensure usage compliance and intelligent monitoring without compromising your product’s and brand’s beauty and appeal. It also helps your company to boost its content management and safety, and prevent consumers from purchasing fake items.

Track images online to reinforce security of your product visuals and maintain trust throughout your global supply chain network. With Imatag’s watermarking software, you have the possibility to protect images online by marking multiple copies of the same content with different identifiers. After publishing or sharing your visuals to your external partner network, our monitoring platform will search matches, alert you in case of a leak and offer valuable data for better decision-making.

Protect images online by adding a powerful digital watermark

Control and monitoring of asset usage on the web on the web (copyright infringement, counterfeiting, compliance or license)

Seamless integration via API to your DAM, PIM or CMS solutions

Secure and scalable solution for online brand protection

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