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Forensic Watermarking API

Embed an invisible tracker in your images and video to find out who is leaking your digital assets.

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Improving content security

Use our API to hide an invisible identifier in your sensitive content (images, video…) without altering the quality of your assets. By embedding a digital watermark you can track and protect your content from unauthorized access or distribution.

Forensic watermarking for traitor tracing


Generate a unique watermarked copy per recipient or distribution channel. In the event of a leak, upload the suspicious copy or a screenshot and the watermark will reveal who is the original source of the content leak.

Detection on modified content


Thanks to the forensic watermarking, identify your content and its source, regardless if it has been resized, cropped, trimmed, posted on social media or copied via a screenshot.

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List of features


Apply an invisible watermark on an image or video file. Then, the watermarked file can be downloaded for distribution to your customers or registered as a media to be tracked on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Query by image our search engine and get a list of all web matches (similar and watermarked) found on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Schedule searches on images and, depending on your pricing plan, PDF documents. Monitor the status of these searches and access their results.

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Upload, save and manage your media on IMATAG. All registered media will be watermarked and searched on the web. Their encryption key is also stored.

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Why choose Imatag's forensic image watermarking API

Imatag’s patented solution watermarks your visuals for improved content security and leak detection. Our invisible digital watermarking system offers an all-in-one solution to protecting sensitive content.

Protect images online with our robust technology. The watermark ID inserted in our pixel resists compression, crop, resizing and color filters.

Choose an imperceptible forensic watermark to track images online. Our image processing system is proven to respect the quality of your photos and renders.

Reach high volumes of watermarked assets without slowing down your existing process. With Imatag’s software, a considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique embedded watermark.

Mark your visual content before distribution to third parties, such as creative agencies, media and retail partners. This method allows you to avoid many costly problems, for example, fall in sales, spoiled launch campaigns, counterfeiting and piracy. Our anti-piracy digital watermark solution offers an efficient way to secure your assets against pirates.

Our leak detector API, based on embedded watermarks, is at your service to provide the best protection for your sensitive content.

Robust technology for improved digital asset security

Imperceptible watermark for leak source detection

Get useful data for better content management

Save time with an automated forensic watermarking


If you want to try out our API in a secure playground, we can create your own account with a limited 10Mb quota on the uploads folder.

Unleash the Power of Watermark API for Seamless Image Protection

With Watermarking APIs, businesses and content creators now have an efficient and scalable solution to implement robust image protection. Discover the  benefits of integrating a Watermark API into your workflow, for Seamless Image Protection.

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is specifically designed to work with images, providing comprehensive protection and traceability for your visual content. Unlike other types of forensic watermarks that may be optimized for different media, our solution is tailored for image-based assets.

Yes, our forensic watermarking software is designed to work with videos, providing robust protection and traceability for your video content. However, it's important to highlight that our software is not designed for real-time video encoding, such as live streaming or broadcast applications. Instead, it focuses on providing post-processing capabilities for video files, ensuring that the watermarked content can be analyzed and tracked after it has been created.

Here's how our forensic watermarking solution for videos operates:

Yes, there are distinct differences between digital watermarking, forensic watermarking, and steganography, each offering unique capabilities for content identification, traceability, intellectual property protection, and undetectable traitor tracing. Let's explore each term in the context of IMATAG and its specific applications:

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