Agencies: build customer trust

How? By reassuring your client about the safety and impact of your content.

Your challenges


Control the risk of your clients content leaking, from creation to delivery.


Analyze how your content spreads, show its impact on your client’s campaigns.


Retain your customers with innovative and unique services.


Minimize the impact of integrating a new solution into an existing workflow.

How we solve these issues

LEAKS - Secure your creative process

Make your creative process traceable

Make your creative process traceable

At every sensitive step of your production or delivery process, use Imatag Leaks to generate a unique watermarked copy per recipient. Then share the marked files with your collaborators, partners or distributors.

Identify the source in case of a leak

Identify the source in case of a leak

If your visual content is revealed before the embargo ends, upload the suspicious copy to Imatag Leaks to detect the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your content online

Show the impact of your images and videos

Show the impact of your images and videos

Track your content online to report on its performance. How people share your content online is a telling indicator to calculate the reach of your customer’s campaign, understand the influence of your assets on different types of medium.

Broad, in-depth and accurate image search

Broad, in-depth and accurate image search

In addition to monitoring millions of random websites, Imatag crawls user-selected websites, social media accounts, Youtube channels … Thanks to our invisible watermark, matches found with your images are 100% reliable.

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Why choose us?

The watermark is invisible and does not spoil the quality of your visuals.

Our watermarking solution can be used all along the production. From shooting or footage to the final edited visual, assets will still contain the hidden ID.

Easily integrates into an existing production environment.

Invisible and imperceptible tracking ID

Robust to high compression rates, crops, screenshots

Easy integration, available as SAAS or API

Success Stories

Discover how Imatag and our product helped our clients to manage their assets

Discover our success stories