Creative Operations

How Imatag supports Creative Operations

Tracking distribution of WIP creative throughout the pre-embargo workflow from ideation through to launch.

Your challenges

Secure Creative Workflows

Keep embargoed Work In Progress creative content secured from ideation to launch, even when shared with external providers and agencies.

Build trust with providers and customers

Avoid situations of general suspicion by putting in place reliable means of identifying sources of leaks, security breaches or neglect.

Monitoring online content

LEAKS - Protect your sensitive content

Watermark every content you share

Watermark every content you share

Before sharing your creatives, secure them with Imatag’s invisible watermark that allows you to create a unique copy for each recipient.

Detect the source of leak

Detect the source of leak

Upload the suspect file to Imatag Leaks and the digital watermark will reveal the original source of the leak.

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Why choose Imatag?

Our invisible watermark is imperceivable and does not distort or degrade the quality of the protected images and videos.

Due to its virtually undetectable and indestructible nature, it is a fail-safe approach to protecting and monitoring your creatives, whether purely digital or even in print.

Complies with most image and video file standards

Robust, tamper-proof and imperceptible watermark

Automated reverse lookup with certified image matches

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