Brands: control business risk

How? By making sure your visual content serves your brand properly.

Your challenges

Product launch safety

Leaking your embargoed promotional content can harm your business.

Private Sales Content

Keep the content of your virtual sales activities private (showroom, training, internal events).

Brand Protection

Identify sources of counterfeit and illegal sales before they really damage your brand.

Monitor sellers

Identify sellers online more efficiently than using traditional reverse image search.

How we solve these issues

LEAKS - Protect your sensitive content

Make your content traceable

Make your content traceable

Add an invisible ID to every sensitive content your share. For every embargoed or private asset, Imatag Leaks generates a unique watermarked copy per recipient.

Identify the source in the event of a leak

Identify the source in the event of a leak

Upload the suspicious copy — or a screenshot — to Imatag Leaks and the watermark will reveal who is the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your brand content everywhere on the web

Control the usage of your images and videos

Control the usage of your images and videos

Track where your visual assets are used to discover gray markets, fight counterfeiting, enforce your copyright, and protect your intellectual property.

Broad, in-depth and accurate reverse search

Broad, in-depth and accurate reverse search

In addition to monitoring millions of random websites, Imatag crawls user-selected websites, social media accounts, Youtube channels … Matches found with your images are 100% reliable.

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Why choose us?

Benefit from a single solution for both your images and videos

Drop the legacy watermarks which spoil the quality of your visuals and disappear with the slightest compression

No longer waste time with inappropriate and inefficient reverse image search solutions

Complies with most image and video files standards

Robust and imperceptible watermark

Error-free and fully automated Reverse image search

Success Stories

Discover how Imatag and our product helped our clients to manage their assets

Discover our success stories