How Imatag supports R&D functions

Hi Tech and eagerly awaited products: secure the first phases of New Product Introduction against the risk of leaks

Your challenges

New Product Secrecy

Protect sensitive features and designs of your long-awaited products and keep them away from fans’ and competitors’ eyes.

Securing NPI processes

Secure New Product Introduction from design to marketing launch with a single and seamless solution shared by all stakeholders.

Control assets shared with Beta testers

Track embargoed images available for beta testing of unpublished products.

Monitoring online content

LEAKS — Protect your sensitive content

Add an invisible ID to every content you share

Add an invisible ID to every content you share

For every sensitive asset, use our forensic watermark to generate a unique copy per recipient. Then, just make the marked files available to your recipients.

Identify the source in case of a leak

Identify the source in case of a leak

You spotted a leak online? Your product visuals appeared somewhere on social media? You just need to upload the suspicious copy — or a screenshot — to Imatag Leaks and the watermark will reveal the original source of the leak.

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Why choose us?

Our invisible watermark resists significant compression rates and image editings such as resizing, filters, and screenshots.

A considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique watermark.

Save time and money thanks to an automated monitoring tool.

Seamless workflow integration

Enhanced visual recognition, eliminates false positives

Secure and scalable solution

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