Media: get more revenue from your content with digital watermarking

How? By tracking your content usage on the Internet.

Your challenges

Copyright protection

The lack of credit (in caption or metadata) on most images on the Internet is an obstacle to their identification and billing.

Media watch

Traditional reverse image search is not suited to the volume of your image and video stock and matches are not 100% reliable.

Neighboring rights

Assess the share of your content snippets in the revenues of the main online content sharing service platforms

Image leaks

Pirated copies of your paid digital publications are available for free. Which of your channel partners failed?

How we solve these issues

MONITOR — Track your content everywhere on the web

Automated Press Review

Automated Press Review

Save time: while you prospect, we automatically search your photos on the web and print. You are notified by email of the found images and you can track your publications on your dashboard.

Proof of ownership

Proof of ownership

We mark your image pixels with an invisible digital watermark proving that you are the original distributor. Only this technology can certify the distributor and client of non-exclusive images.

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Why choose Imatag for tracking your content?

Watermarking digital images for copyright protection allows you to track content usage on the web. In this way, you will be able to make better informed decisions based on the tracking data and maximize your revenues.

Imatag Monitor offers a robust technology for tracking images online and boosting content security. Each image is watermarked with its individual embedded ID that resists compression, crop, resizing and color edit. With this technique, you will know exactly what happens to your images after publication.

We provide two options (local or remote) to watermark and store your photos, depending on your production’s volume, frequency, and to your usual distribution methods. Our invisible digital watermarking is written in a binary code that only a computer can decode. It is not visible to the naked eye. Multiple types of multimedia files can be monitored (image, video, pdf…).

Automatic tracking: images pulled daily from the web and magazines are compared to those from our registry. Immediate email notification is triggered when one of your images is found on the web.

Protect images online against common threats (leaks, copyright, reputation). Before sharing sensitive or embargoed assets, secure them by embedding invisible digital watermarks. With our forensic watermarking API, you can easily integrate Imatag solutions to your existing workflows and applications.

View and manage all your monitoring data and detected images in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Automatic and error free visual content recognition with invisible watermarking

Enhanced copyright protection and better content management

Detect unauthorized usage on custom websites and social media accounts

Intelligent tracking without altering the quality of your images and videos

Success Stories

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