Information Security

How Imatag supports Information Security

Managing security risks by protecting confidential information and preventing costly content leaks.

Your challenges

Protect sensitive content

Provide support to other services that handle sensitive content and prevent leaks of confidential information.

Traitor tracing

Track sources of leaked content in order to avoid future leaks and costly impacts on your organization.

Monitoring online content

LEAKS - Protect your confidential content

Watermark your content with an invisible ID

Watermark your content with an invisible ID

For every sensitive asset, use our forensic watermark to generate a unique copy per recipient. This way you can easily detect sources of leakage.

Detect the source of leak

Detect the source of leak

In case of a leak, upload the suspicious copy — or a screenshot — to Imatag Leaks and our patented digital watermark will detect the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your content online

Expose IP and copyright infringement

Expose IP and copyright infringement

Imatag’s Monitor solution provides a detailed report list of all the websites your visuals appear in, enabling you to quickly analyze whether a usage is authorized and compliant.

 Proof of Ownership

Proof of Ownership

Applying a digital watermark to your photos or videos is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased.

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Why choose Imatag?

Our automated reverse image search can reach tens of millions of searches per day and recognizes your content, even altered by geometry, cropping, size, compression.

Each image or video is individually watermarked with a code unique to its recipient.

Easily integrates into an existing workflow.

Seamless integration via API to your DAM, PIM or CMS

Secure and scalable solution

Patented steganographic techniques, with an encryption key to decode it

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