E-commerce : sell products without risk

How? By making your selling platform a safe environment for products.

Your challenges

  • Compliance

    Increase engagement with manufacturers, collaborate on brand protection and secure product launches.

  • Product photos

    Protect your investment in product photography by ensuring that competitors don’t steal your images.

  • Competition

    Identify competitors online more efficiently than using traditional reverse search of your products images.

  • Illegal sales

    Identify sources of counterfeit and illegal sales before they really damage your business.

How we solve these issues

LEAKS — Manage embargoed product visuals

Watermark sensitive content

Reassure your suppliers by securing their product visuals in your CMS. Every content is identified by a hidden watermark, so that potential leaks can be traced to their source.

MONITOR - Track your product visuals everywhere on the web

Automate your reverse image search

Locate your product images everywhere on the internet and social networks using IMATAG Monitor. Matches are gathered in a dashboard that lets you check the context of usage of theses visuals, so that you can take the appropriate actions.

100% reliable matches

Some product images can be complex to identify via a traditional reverse image search, like images of electronic parts, tyres, packages… Not with Imatag Monitor, which uses an invisible watermark to certify the match between your image and those found on the web.

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Why choose us?

Benefit from a single solution for both your images and videos


Drop the legacy watermarks which spoil the quality of your visuals and disappear with the slightest compression


No longer waste time with inappropriate and inefficient reverse image search solutions

  • reverse lookup without false negatives
  • searches on sites of your choice
  • integrates via API to your DAM, PIM or CMS
Success Stories

Discover how Imatag and our product helped our clients to manage their assets

Discover our success stories