How to track images online?

Find out who is using your visual content. Track your images and videos across the internet to detect unauthorized use, prevent brand erosion, and calculate earned media.
How Imatag Monitor works

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Introducing Imatag Monitor

How to track your images and videos

We track your digital assets …

Product images, brand visuals, licensed content (photography, audiovisual), photos and footage from creative agencies…

… of various types …

Images (photos, renders, design), video files, PDF…

… to grow and secure your business!

Enforce licensing and compliance, detect IP and copyright infringement, assess earned media.

How Imatag Monitor works

  • Register assets

    • Copies of your content are saved on IMATAG’s database
    • Replace your assets with watermarked copies

  • Search matches

    • Our random and custom crawlers parse the web for visual content 24/7
    • Our visual recognition algorithm spots every content matching yours, even modified

  • Monitor and analyse

    • Extensive list of web sources where your content was found.
    • Decision-making data including match type (similar/certified), site’s popularity…

Why choose it ?

  • Certified Matches

    Unlike traditional image search engines, we certify our matches through watermark detection.

  • Reverse Image Search

    Our tool combines searches from multiple sources to speed up and optimize results.

  • Custom Crawling

    On demand, scans custom websites and social accounts to retrieve visual data, including from video.

  • PDF Scanning

    Search your images in PDF documents, catalogs, magazines.

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