Who is using your visual content?

Monitoring your assets online is essential to prevent brand erosion, detect unauthorized usage, and calculate earned media.
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We track

Your assets

Product images, brand visuals, licensed content (photography, audiovisual)

Of various types

Images (photos, renders, design), videos, PDF

To grow and secure your business

Enforce licensing and compliance, detect IP and copyright infringement, assess earned media.

Why choose it

Be the first to know when your content is used: our Image Search Engine is the first to utilize multiple sources to accelerate and optimize results.

Visual Listening

On demand visual monitoring (image, video) of specific sites, marketplaces and social profiles. (option)

PDF scanning

Search your images in PDF documents, catalogs, magazines.

Main features

API integration

Photo, Video, PDF

Custom crawling (option)

Visual recognition

Certified identification (watermarking option)

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