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Licensed Collectible Toys

This famous toys brand fights leaks by sharing prelaunch photos to its global distributors, marked with an invisible ID.

Executive summary

This famous pop culture toys creator shares photos of his products with retailers and distributors around the world about a month before their release. As the toys are usually licensed (Marvel, Disney …), their reveal is often conditional on an event such as the release of a movie or game.

The risk of a leak: a lost buzz effect, or even counterfeits more quickly on the market. Unfortunately, this happened regularly, and they needed to know which partner was leaking.

The Brand Protection lawyer and Retail Marketing manager turned to Imatag to invisibly tag product photos before they were sent to retailers. This is how they were able to discover the origin of the leaks.


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Success Story

How we worked together


Faced with a rising risk of counterfeit products hitting the market before launch, or jeopardizing the agenda of a licensed event, this company required a way to quickly spot leaks of images sent to its global network of distributors and retailers.
To frame the leaker, they were using a visible watermark, without success.


The timing of a reveal means sharing digital assets one month before the launch of a major film or video game. Using the IMATAG Leaks and Monitor solutions, the creator easily integrated the invisible watermarking process into its workflow and now securely shares images to its external network prelaunch.

How Product Helped

After integrating IMATAG Leaks into their content production chain, the company now systematically and automatically inserts invisible code into its images. This traceability allows them to identify at which stage of production or distribution of the image the leak occurred.


Before launching a product, the company and its partners now work together more serenely. If a product visual is released during the embargo period, they can react quickly to protect subsequent campaigns.

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Key success factors and main benefits

“So far the results have been amazing. We have been able to track down where a leak was coming from. Our external partners could not be more thrilled that we have a way to provide glams that can give them their business needs while adding extra security for our brand.”

  • Incredible robustness to compression
  • Imperceptible, does not affect shades and gradients
  • Fast and easy API integration with Adobe
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