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Music Industry

A global leading music company fights leaks by invisibly watermarking all its digital assets.

Executive summary

A renowned music label handles not only album production but also visual communication surrounding releases, including photo shoots, advertising, brand image, and digital content.

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial to ensure success and excitement among fans. Visuals are shared with third-party entities under embargo during important stages such as album releases, promotional video clips, and pre-tour events.

Thus, the industry prioritizes tracking visual assets to prevent leaks at each stage, protecting visuals, satisfying the fan community, and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers.

From the very beginning of the content creation process, with the marking of image files, to prompt crisis management through a continuous online detection service that can identify the source of leak 24/7, this client now possesses a robust arsenal to effectively combat leaks and respond swiftly.

We deliberately anonymize all our success stories in order to protect the identity of IMATAG Leaks customers. Contact us for more information about our clients.

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Key success factors and main benefits

“We faced a constraint related to image format, and Imatag proved instrumental in addressing this requirement and customizing their solution to suit our specific needs.”

Incredible robustness to compression

Imperceptible, does not affect shades and gradients

Fast and easy API integration

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