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Consumer Electronics

This smartphone manufacturer fights product leaks by watermarking all of its images before launch.

Executive summary

This smartphone manufacturer, serving dozens of countries around the world, needed to keep the visuals of its products confidential until the official launch.

Using the IMATAG Leaks solution, they marked all their product visuals throughout the image production chain, until their distribution to commercial partners.

This process hides the recipient ID in each copy of the image. Thus, even after the usual compression on social networks, the images broadcast by some leakers revealed their origin.
This company now marks its content before each product launch.

We deliberately anonymize all our success stories in order to protect the identity of IMATAG Leaks customers. Contact us for more information about our clients.

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Key success factors and main benefits

“There was no question of deteriorating the quality of our renderings, as did other solutions that we had already tested. The IMATAG watermark brilliantly passed all the robustness and imperceptibility tests conducted by our Creative Operations team.”

“The ease of integration with the software suite used in our workflow was decisive.”

Incredible robustness to compression

Imperceptible, does not affect shades and gradients

Fast and easy API integration with Adobe

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