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To improve their impact on sales, this automaker's marketing team observes how dealers use their content online.

Executive summary

This automotive manufacturer is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and commercial vehicles at a global level.

The marketing team wished to check how resellers, dealers and franchisees around the world were using their visual content.

After comparing with traditional reverse image search solutions, they decided to outsource their image tracking to Imatag as it allowed them to crawl specific sites besides the web in general.

Now, through Imatag, they monitor the usage of over 3,000 product images on over 1,500 websites, social accounts and blogs on a daily basis.

The success stories of our customers are voluntarily anonymous in order to maximize the efficiency of the IMATAG Leaks service. Contact us to get more information about our customers.

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Key success factors and main benefits

“With IMATAG, we can also search our images on custom sites, that’s exactly what we needed.”

“Thank to the reverse image search automation, we immediately felt a gain in time.”

“The dashboard greatly facilitates the use of the tool so we were quickly operational”

Control of the use and compliance of assets on the web

Use this information to improve the content and its performance

Save time and money with an automated monitoring tool.

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