Reverse Image Search and Monitoring API

• The IMATAG API automates the reverse image search of your own content on the Internet.

• 100% reliable image recognition verified by invisible watermark.

• Reports on where your content is most visible.

Your challenges

  • Track images and brands

    The use of your images on the internet is a telling indicator about the health of your business.
  • Check copyright compliance

    Check that the use of your online content complies with your rules.
  • Detect unauthorized use and fraud

    Track the unauthorized use of your content and the illegal activities it hides.
  • PR outreach

    How well does your PR team do with the media and news outlets?
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Apply an invisible watermark on an image of video file. Then, the watermarked file can be downloaded for distribution to your customers or registered as a media to be tracked on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Query by image our search engine and get the list all web matches (similar and watermarked) found on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Control the crawling sessions of specific web sites (requires custom crawling option). By default, crawlers browse the public internet randomly.

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Schedule searches on images and, depending on your pricing plan, PDF documents. Monitor the status of these searches and access their results.

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Upload, register and manage your media on IMATAG. All registered media will be watermarked and searched on the web, their encryption key is registered too.

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Integrate our high-performance reverse image search

Automatically match your content with a 40 billion web image updated index.


Benefit from the most reliable match results certified by watermark detection.


Integrate Imatag monitor into your workflow with our REST-based API, our on-premise software, or use our browser extension to upload your images and view results.

  • Fully hosted API
  • Easy to integrate
  • On-premise upload options
  • Secure
  • Scalable
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