Forensic Watermarking API

Embed an invisible tracker in your images and video to find out who is leaking your assets.

Your challenges

  • Forensic watermarking

    Generate a unique watermarked copy per recipient or distribution channel. In the event of a leak, upload the suspicious copy or a screenshot and the watermark will reveal who is the original source of the leak.
  • Detection on modified content

    Identify your content and its source, regardless if it has been resized, cropped or trimmed posted on social media or copied via a screenshot.
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Apply an invisible watermark on an image of video file. Then, the watermarked file can be downloaded for distribution to your customers or registered as a media to be tracked on the Internet by our crawlers.

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Upload, register and manage your media on IMATAG. All registered media will be watermarked and searched on the web, their encryption key is registered too.

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Why chose Imatag's forensic image watermarking API

The ID inserted in our pixel resists to compression, crop, resizing, color filters.

Our image processing is proven to respect the quality of your photos and renders.

A considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique watermark.

  • Robust
  • Imperceptible
  • Mutlicopy


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