How to protect images online?

To prevent content leaks, find out who is leaking your assets. Secretly secure your images and videos with an invisible watermark before releasing them.
How Imatag Leaks works

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Introducing Imatag Leaks

How to track your images and videos

We protect brands visual assets …

Embargoed visuals of your next product launch campaign, product images shared on marketplaces or with retailers…

… and corporate visual assets

Images (photos, renders, design), videos, PDF and much more !

How Imatag Leaks works

  • Watermark your campaigns

    • Upload campaigns visuals and photos sets
    • Bulk creation of copies marked per recipient

  • Send marked copies

    • Download as a zipped files (one per recipient)
    • Send to recipients
    • … wait for leaks

  • Detect the source of leak

    • Upload suspect file
    • Identify its original recipient

Why choose it ?

  • Digital watermarking

    Our patented digital watermarking is really awesome

  • Robust

    The ID inserted in our pixel resists to compression, crop, resizing, color filters.

  • Imperceptible

    Our image processing is proven to respect the quality of your photos and renders.

  • Multicopy

    A considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique watermark.

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