Who leaked your visual content?

Before sharing sensitive assets, secure them with an invisible watermark. Easily detect the source in case of leakage.
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Introducing IMATAG LEAKS

Learn how to identify leakers

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We protect BRANDS visual assets

Product leaks

Embargoed visuals of your next product launch campaign, product images shared on marketplaces or with retailers…

and CORPORATE visual assets

Visual data leaks

Sensitive documents of your organization, internal, confidential, classified, under NDA…

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How it works


Insert an invisible watermark identifier inside your content’s pixels before sharing it.

Upload campaigns and photos sets
Bulk creation of copies marked per recipient
Download as a zipped file and share


In case of leak, Imatag’s watermark reveals the source.

Upload suspect file
Identify its original recipient

Why choose it

Our patented digital watermarking is really awesome


The ID inserted in our pixel resists to compression, crop, resizing, color filters. Challenge it with our demo tool.


Our image processing is proven to respect the quality of your photos and renders.


A considerable amount of copies of a single image can be generated, each with its unique watermark.

Keys facts

98%  of illegal sales are promoted using the brands’ own visuals.

Leaks cost $35 billion every year, in all industries.

- Imatag study, 2019

Main features

API integration

JPG and PNG support

Campaign management


Alerts & web monitoring option

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Learn in 15 minutes how we can help you secure and monitor your visual assets

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