Fighting Piracy and Counterfeiting with Digital Watermarking

Protect your intellectual property and secure your assets against pirates with content monitoring and leak detection.

Your anti-piracy challenges


Track illegal content online

Rapidly detect unauthorized usage or pirated content anywhere on the web.

Block gray markets and counterfeit resellers

Identify sources of counterfeit and illegal sales before they damage your brand.

Protect your sensitive content

Take control of your product images via usage monitoring and secure your digital assets.


How we solve these issues


Add an invisible watermark to your content

Before sharing sensitive visual data, use our forensic watermarking solution to generate a unique copy per recipient. Then, distribute the watermarked assets to all your stakeholders (teams, media partners, service providers…).


Find out who is leaking your assets

In case of a leak, upload the suspect file to Imatag Leaks and detect the original source of the leak.


Monitoring digital assets

Imatag Monitor offers a detailed list of all the websites your content appears in, enabling you to quickly analyze whether a usage is authorized and compliant.


Detecting IP and copyright infringement

Identify pirate content (images, video) even if the content has been modified or altered. Applying a digital watermark to your assets is the only method of proving your ownership.

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Why choose Imatag for anti-piracy watermark tracking


Digital watermarking is a powerful technology that can help combat piracy and counterfeiting. It provides companies with the ability to trace the source of illegal content and take action against the perpetrators, while also giving consumers the assurance that they are purchasing authentic products.


Imatag offers a invisible digital watermarking solution for content protection. The process involves embedding a hidden, unique code into digital content, such as video or images. The watermark is not visible to the naked eye, but can be detected by our specialized software.


Our digital watermarking services allow content owners to track images online and help protect consumers from being duped by counterfeiters. Digital watermarking can also serve as a deterrent to potential pirates and counterfeiters, as they know that their actions can be traced.


Imatag offers real-time monitoring and detection, as well as forensic analysis to support anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting efforts. With our forensic watermarking API, Imatag’s solution seamlessly integrates into your existing systems (CMS, DAM, DRM…).


Protect images online with our robust solution by tracing the origin of pirated or counterfeit content.


  • Anti-counterfeiting solution based on image monitoring
  • Powerful forensic watermarking, invisible to the user
  • Enhanced digital asset security and better content management
  • Easy to integrate into your digital rights & digital asset management solutions



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