About Us

We are a French company founded by experts in Digital Watermarking and Visual recognition from the INRIA Research Institute.
Our mission is to secure and accelerate businesses relying on visual content.

Our Story

Mathieu, Jonathan, Teddy, and Vivien created this company to address a significant problem on the internet: namely, the fact that photos are massively shared without credit or metadata: no author, no description, no source.
The outcome for agencies and media is clear: by maintaining the link between images and their source, IMATAG’s digital watermark is now their best weapon to fight against copyright infringement and to facilitate usage billing.
After offering its solution to the media at first, IMATAG developed skills to track customers’ content on the web, which opened the door to other industries in need of leak detection, visual social listening, and visual web monitoring.

Thanks to team, here at IMATAG, we’ve been able to build an impressive product portfolio based on our patented digital watermarking technology and to develop a disruptive experience by putting the visual recognition at the core of social media listening and web monitoring activities.

The Team

Senior Researcher at INRIA.

Inria researcher in multimedia security. Formerly member of IEEE Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee, Technicolor R&I senior researcher, and consultant for Hollywood movie industry. Co-author of more than 50 scientific publications and 9 patents.

Teddy Furon
Watermarking scientist

Ph.D., Digital Contents Protection & Computer Science.
Passionate about photography and digital content. His past experiences in content identification within Orange Telecom Group and INRIA Lab gave him a good awareness regarding the merging of scientific and economical worlds.

Mathieu Desoubeaux
Chief Executive Officer

Media indexation & retrieval expert.
Jonathan has managed multifaceted projects in computer vision most of his carrier in France and the UK. Before joining IMATAG, he has collaborated with some of the world’s leading experts in multimedia retrieval at Inria lab.

Jonathan Delhumeau
Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D., signal processing.
Starting with video compression during his PhD thesis, followed by embedded Linux software and 3D-printing software development.
His expertise in image search, watermarking and deep learning is a great asset.

Vivien Chappelier
R&D and Senior System Architect

French photographer, author and documentary film director.
Thierry’s career in the sectors of Photo Press Agencies, Media and Culture led him to investigate and adopt, for the members of a photographers trade union he founded, the IMATAG technology.

Thierry Secretan
Chief Strategy Officer

Entrepreneur, influencer
Paul has more than 20 years of experience in visual content licensing, technology innovations and entrepreneurship within world-renowned image companies and has been named by American Photo one of the “100 most influential individuals in American photography”.

Paul Melcher
VP Business Development

Expert in Digital Strategies and Innovation.
Christine’s 20+ year career is guided by her taste for technologic innovation and her customer-oriented mindset. Her skills mix engineering, digital economy and management of innovation.

Christine Deschaseaux
Chief marketing Officier

BTS International Sales
Igor has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Industry. From 2014 to 2018, he spent 4 years in Quebec working for a telecom giant and developing his international culture. Passionate about travels and news, his mission is to understand your needs and to find the best solution for you.

Igor Bolombo
Business Developer

Master in Computer Sciences
David has 12 years of experience in system architecture, cloud solution, support and customer service. David makes sure our solution is always up and running to serve you.

David Kremer
Software Engineer DevOps

PhD in Computer Science.

Expert on deep neural architectures for multimedia and multimodal data. Vedran joined IMATAG in 2018, to work on R&D and maintain our technological lead.

Vedran Vukotic
Research Engineer

Master in Innovative Business Management
After almost 10 years in support of creation of innovative companies, Sarah joined the IMATAG team in 2019. Half HR Manager, half CFO, she will be your contact for contractual and billing matters.

Sarah Bohuon
Office Manager

Master in Computer Science,
Developer Analyst since 2014, Maxime has a wide range of skills in IT. He masters different languages, operating systems and softwares. His work on the back-end of our solution allows to provide optimised and scalable products.

Maxime Barbier
Software Engineer