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We are a french company founded by experts in Digital Watermarking and visual Recognition
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Mathieu, Jonathan, Teddy, and Vivien created this company to address a significant problem on the internet: namely, the fact that photos are massively shared without credit or metadata: no author, no description, no source. The outcome for agencies and media is clear: by maintaining the link between images and their source, IMATAG’s digital watermark is now their best weapon to fight against copyright infringement and to facilitate usage billing.

...to a dedicated team to innovation !

IMATAG developed skills to track customers’ content on the web, which opened the door to other industries in need of leak detection, visual social listening, and visual web monitoring.


Thanks to team, here at IMATAG, we’ve been able to build an impressive product portfolio based on our patented digital watermarking technology and to develop a disruptive experience by putting the visual recognition at the core of social media listening and web monitoring activities.

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