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Hi-Tech Retailer

A chain of electronics stores secures products images to identify sources of leaks before their public launch.

Executive summary

This chain of electronics and appliance stores has more than 1,000 shops across the American continent, in addition to its online sales site.

It receives sensitive visuals from some of its home electronics suppliers. Often those are products not yet publicly launched.


To have better and more trustworthy relationships with suppliers, it needed to protect those visuals against potential leaks.

Now, with IMATAG Leaks, they can identify the sources of leaks and terminate the relationships with vendor or employee at fault.


We deliberately anonymize all our success stories in order to protect the identity of IMATAG Leaks customers. Contact us for more information about our clients.

Succcess Story

How we worked together

The challenges

When receiving visual of sensitive content from suppliers, they were immediately stored on secured servers with very limited and restricted access. However, those still needed to be shared with vendors and distribution partners with lesser protection protocols. It could have led to leaks.

How IMATAG Leaks helps

Imatag watermarking allows the company to send a copy of a file, each with a unique identifier to each of the approved recipients. If and when a leak occurs, it is easy to identify the source of the leak via the watermark.

Using the on-premise watermarking option, it was easy to insert the watermarking process in the existing content workflow.

Return on Investment

Suppliers are now confident that when they share visuals of a yet to launch product to the retailer, it is highly unlikely that it will leak.

In terms of implementation, it was an easy and seamless process.


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Key success factors and main benefits

“Imatag team understood very quickly the commercial issues and their technical counterpart for us”


“We were impressed by the simplicity of integrating the solution into our existing workflow, even though it is a large volume of images to process”


“We needed a watermark like the one from IMATAG to ensure that after the many modifications and compressions undergone, the invisible ID was still detectable”

  • Identification of sources of leaks.
  • Termination of vendor or employee relationships when a source of leaks identified.
  • Better and more trustworthy relationships with suppliers.
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