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This real estate software provider builds customer loyalty by tracking down their stolen photos.

Executive summary

As a provider of real estate investment and property management software, this international company manages the digital assets of its clients. It is therefore concerned by their related issues: intellectual property, counterfeiting, license and compliance.


To deal with these issues up front, the operations team needed to be alerted as soon as the content was published somewhere on the web.


Thanks to Imatag, they now monitor over 6 million images per day and an average of 2 million matches are reported per month. Among all these matches, they use the analytics tool to spot more quickly those that are more likely to be illegal cases.


We deliberately anonymize all our success stories in order to protect the identity of IMATAG Leaks customers. Contact us for more information about our clients.

Success Story

How we worked together


In real estate, success depends a lot on the quality of the photos of the properties offered, and competition is fierce. As responsible for the publication of their clients’ images, the company had to control that they were not stolen by other sites.
But this task, performed on a public reverse image search engine, was tedious and artisanal. In addition, when similar images appeared in the results, it was impossible to verify their authorship.

How Product Helped

The automation of IMATAG Monitor made it possible to process tens of millions of images daily and to make reports on matches found on the web.

When the watermark is found on a matched image, it certifies that the image was taken from their client’s assets.

The results, transmitted to the legal department, allow them to take the appropriate measures in very responsive deadlines.


Now, the company is building customer loyalty by offering this copyright monitoring service. Plus, it operates with a much more comfortable margin, considering the savings in time and money initially wasted on tedious and inefficient image search tasks.

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Key success factors and main benefits



“It was crucial that the integration had no impact on the platform already deployed. Thanks to the IMATAG API, it was simple and fast”




  • Control of assets usage on the web (copyright, compliance or license)
  • Reporting to the legal department for legal actions
  • Save time and money thanks to an automated monitoring tool.
  • Loyalty and differentiating feature as a software provider
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