How Imatag helps Retail Marketers

Strengthen relationships with your resellers by controlling the use of your images and compliance with your rules.

Your challenges

  • Prevent Pre-Launch Leaks

    Minimize the risk of leaks while sharing marketing content to retailers before the official release of your product.

  • Track Sellers and Distributors

    Improve your business intelligence by discovering and identifying your network of partners.

  • Check content compliance

    Verify that your retail marketing content is used correctly and complies with your brand standards.

How we solve these issues

LEAKS - Protect your prelaunch content

Mark your retail marketing content

Add Imatag’s invisible watermark to every sensitive asset you share to create a unique copy for each recipient. This way you can easily detect sources of leakage.

Detect the source in case of a leak

You spotted a leak online? Your product visuals appeared somewhere on social media? You just need to upload upload the suspect file to Imatag Leaks and the digital watermark will reveal the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your content online

Monitor your product images

Imatag Monitor reports all websites where your product visuals appear. At a glance, discover your retailer network, marketing visuals most used for online sales, and check that they comply with your standards.

Assess performance and impact

Track your retail marketing content online with Imatag’s Monitor solution to analyze its performance and calculate earned media. How people share your content online allows you to understand the reach of your campaigns and the impact of your assets on different types of medium.

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Why choose Imatag products?

Imatag’s invisible watermarking provides an optimal way to monitor specific accounts and sites.


The ID inserted in our pixel resists to compression, crop, resizing, color filters.


Our image processing is respects the quality of your photos and product visuals.

  • Robust, tamper-proof and imperceptible watermark
  • Error-free visual recognition and certified matches
  • Custom crawling
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