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What is Digital Watermarking?

An invisible modification of pixels

The image processing consists of changing the pixel value of a picture to carry hidden information. These modifications are subtle and perceptually shaped to remain invisible to the human eye.

Embedding a code

As a steganography process, pixels modification inserts a piece of binary-coded secret information that can be decoded by a computer. Our patented watermark cannot be reverse engineered, as only the encryption key owner can decrypt it.


Even after an image is edited (JPEG compression, cropping, scaling, color editing …), our algorithm can still detect its embedded information. As the watermark is randomly disseminated into the image, even an AI cannot detect a pattern to remove it.

How does IMATAG watermark software work?

What issues do invisible watermarks solve in your industry?

Forensics, Traitor tracing

Brands, Security, Content Delivery Platforms: Mark your visual content before distributing it to identify the source in case of a leak. Visuals of your embargoed campaign, sensitive documents (internal, confidential, under NDA), paid content (video, magazines, photography).

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Proof of ownership

Photographic Agencies and newswires: Applying a digital watermark to your non-exclusive photos is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased. It is the most reliable way to script automated processes like invoicing, claiming or sending a DMCA, building statistics, and reports…

See our solution : IMATAG Monitor

Visual Content-ID

Marketplaces, social platforms: make sure that the content posted by your members is not already registered by your partners (official brands, right owners, etc.). While traditional image repository queries rely on visual similarity prone to mismatches, a watermark used as an ID is 100% foolproof.

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Why choose IMATAG’s Watermarking Technology?

Unmatched efficiency

Patented by IMATAG with researchers from INRIA French Institute, it is proven to be the most robust and imperceptible digital watermark of the market.

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Preserves visual quality

Tested and approved by professional content creators: the alterations on renders, HD photos, videos and prints cannot be seen.



Scalable and flexible

Whether on-premise or SaaS, our solution scales to large volumes of assets and can integrate easily into your existing workflow.

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