Invisible Watermark: our patented technology

Learn more about digital watermarking and the issues it solves across various industries.

What is a Digital Watermark?

  • An invisible modification of pixels

    For security, the digital watermark applied to your digital asset is ​perceptually shaped to remain invisible to the human eye​.

  • Embedding a hidden signal​

    Our Digital watermarking algorithm inserts data using patented steganographic techniques​, with an ​encryption key​ to decode it​​.

  • Unremovable

    By design, our watermark cannot be reverse engineered and is still detected after compression, cropping, scaling​ or ​screenshots. The protection signal remains embedded in the watermarked digital images and video.

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Main industrial applications

What issues do invisible watermarks solve?

Forensics, Traitor tracing

Brands, Security, Content Delivery Platforms:

Watermarking your digital content before distributing it allows to identify the source in case of a leak.

This encryption process is recommended for embargoed visuals, sensitive documents, paid content.

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Copyright, Proof of Ownership

Photographic Agencies, media and newswires: Applying a digital watermark to your photos or video is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased. It is the most reliable way to script automated processes such as invoicing, DMCA, or reporting on content outreach.

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Error-free Visual Recognition

Most reverse image search solutions give unreliable matches. A watermark based solution automatically eliminates similar images and keeps only certified matches. The two solutions can work together, using detected digital watermarks as a checker of visual search results.

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See it in action!

Learn in 15 minutes how we can help you secure and monitor your visual assets.

Our products

Identify the sources of leaks with our invisible digital watermark

Before sharing sensitive assets, secure them with an invisible ID. Easily detect the source of leakage.

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Track copies of your photos and videos trough our monitoring platform.

Monitor your assets online to:
• Prevent brand erosion,
• Detect unauthorized usage,
• Calculate earned media.

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