Corporate : share content with confidence

How? By making sure your business content stays in the right hands.

Your challenges

  • Decentralization

    Ensure that your corporate content circulating within your various sites remains internal.

  • Digitization

    Minimize the risk of disclosure of digitized strategic activities (virtual shows, shared documents).

  • Reputation

    Verify that PR content is used as intended and not against your business.

  • Risk assessment

    Build trust in your partners so you don’t waste opportunities.

How we solve these issues

LEAKS - Protect your sensitive content

Add an invisible ID to every content you share

For every sensitive asset, use Imatag Leaks to generate a unique watermarked copy per recipient.
Then, just make the marked files available to your recipients.

Identify the source in case of a leak

You spot a leak online ? Your visuals appeared somewhere on social media ? You just need to upload the suspicious copy — or a screenshot — to Imatag Leaks and the watermark will reveal who is the original source of the leak.

MONITOR - Track your corporate content everywhere

Control the usage of your internal or PR content

In addition to monitoring millions of random websites, Imatag crawls user-selected websites, social media accounts, Youtube channels …
Log in to your Imatag Monitor dashboard to discover and understand which of your media is used the most, where and by whom.

Learn from how your content is used

How people share your content online is a telling indicator to calculate the reach of your campaign, understand the influence of your assets on different types of medium or fight counterfeiting and copyright infringement.

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Why choose us?

Benefit from a single solution for both your images and videos


Drop the legacy watermarks which spoil the quality of your visuals and disappear with the slightest compression


No longer waste time with inappropriate and inefficient reverse image search solutions

  • Complies with most image and video files standards
  • Robust and imperceptible watermark
  • Error-free and fully automated Reverse image search
Success Stories

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