Watermarking demo

  • 1 Upload original image
  • 2 Assess watermark quality
  • 2 Assess watermark quality
  • 3 Challenge our technology
  • 3 Challenge our technology
  • 4 Detect copy
Upload an image to watermark it
Original image


Our IMATAG technology inserts an invisible watermark on the image.
Watermarked image


You share your watermarked image, which is potentially reused, modified, and published on the internet.
Use to mousewheel to zoom the image
Double-click to switch to move mode
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We search for the watermark on the modified image, and link back to you when it is found.
Image certified Image not certified

Why choose IMATAG’s Watermarking Technology?

Unmatched efficiency

Patented by IMATAG with researchers from INRIA French Institute, it is proven to be the most robust and imperceptible digital watermark of the market.

Preserves visual quality

Tested and approved by professional content creators: the alterations on renders, HD photos, videos and prints cannot be seen.

Scalable and flexible

Whether on-premise or SaaS, our solution scales to large volumes of assets and can integrate easily into your existing workflow.


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