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Photographer, author and director, Thierry Secrétan joined LAMARK (creator of IMATAG), convinced by the high potential of its technologies for the professional world of photography.

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  • the instagram clones scandal


    Although Instagram declares it does not monetize your pictures, it still allows commercial Instagram clones to proliferate. Those generate revenue using your images without sharing any of the profits.

  • © Thierry Secretan


      In the media world, it has become a cliché to say that revolutions are first announced by a small note at the bottom of a page.   On September 27, in…

  • ©Thierry Secretan

    DON MCCULLIN HELP US ! Here comes the age of the fake war photographer.

    Getty Images, BBC Brazil, The Wall Street Journal, Vice News, Le Monde, Le Point and more reliable media published photographs and videos which turned out to be stolen by a fake war…