Imatag Lightroom plugin

IMATAG Invisible Watermark and Image Monitoring Plugin for Lightroom

Easily monitor who is using your images directly from your Lightroom workflow, with an invisible and indelible watermark.
Detect unauthorized usage, measure earned media, check compliance and trace leaks.

What the plugin does

The plug-in enables you to automatically export a watermarked copy of your content and trigger monitoring on your IMATAG account.

Account creation is required prior to plugin’s installation. Once installed and configured, the plugin allows you to

  • export copies of your images, marked with an invisible ID, to a dedicated folder on your disk. Use those copies for your publications,
  • trigger automatic monitoring on IMATAG: log in to your account to check who is using your images.

Technical Details

Available on Adobe Exchange Platform


Published: May 09, 2019
Version: 1.0.0
File Size: 965 KB
Compatibility: Windows  Mac
Product(s): Lightroom Classic 4.0 – 8.0

Installation Guide

The IMATAG Plugin for Adobe Lightroom is an export module.



The Creative Cloud application will sync with Adobe and place a Zip file for this plug-in in your Downloads folder (the filename will begin with ”Imatag”)


Extract the plug-in folder named ”Imatag.lrplugin” from within the Zip file (keeping the exact folder name) to an appropriate permanent location (e.g. Documents)

Setup (at first use)

Add to Lightroom using Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager (from Lightroom’s File menu)
Copy and paste your Imatag API Token available in your Imatag dashboard.

Once installed, you can use the new capabilities from Lightroom’s Export window.

lightroom plugin for IMATAGSelect File -> Export inside Lightroom and then choose IMATAG from the “Export To:” dropdown. Our plugin will ask you for API key and then upload your images into your IMATAG account.