IMATAG webinar "Protect de Value of your Visuals"

Protecting The Value Of Your Visuals : Replay Our Webinar Masterclass!

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Protecting the Value of your Visuals

Your visuals are critical to your business. Whether product shots or campaign videos, each one is a direct touch-point to your customers. When, how and where that happens should not happen randomly and out of your control.

During this webinar, we will introduce you to solutions that allow your team to claim control of your visual assets once they leave your hands. From identifying the source of damaging product leaks to shutting down illegal counterfeiters, to market intelligence and earned media, every usage of your visuals is identified and reported. The best validation of the value of your content is that others are using it: Make sure it is in the best possible way.

Paul Melcher

Paul Melcher
VP Business Development, IMATAG

Paul Melcher has more than 20 years of experience in visual content licensing, technology innovations and entrepreneurship within world-renowned image companies and has been named by American Photo one of the “100 most influential individuals in American photography”.

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