Managing your visual assets AFTER they leave your servers

In this webinar proposed by our partner IO Integration, Paul Melcher will demo our most impressive magic trick : finding the “traitor” who leaked the embargoed visuals of your Product Launch Campaign !

Leaks can be devastating

Months of hard work of whole teams suddenly rendered useless by one person. Maybe not anymore.

Making sure that your photos, videos, designs or renders are are not leaked is critical for your business. Finding the perpetrator is the best weapon.

With Imatag, you can mark each visual with its unique invisible watermark and protect:

  • Embargoed visuals of your next product launch campaign,
  • Product images shared on marketplaces or with retailers…
  • Sensitive documents of your organization, internal, confidential, classified, under NDA…

Imatag patented digital watermark makes it possible to know precisely with whom your visual content was shared before its unauthorized use.

IMATAG leaks workflow

IOI Alliance IMATAG Webinar

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