Managing your Assets AFTER they leave your DAM

DAM New York 2019 May 2, 3:20PM
We’re delighted to be present at DAM New York conference this year and we look forward to seeing many of the DAM community in NYC on May 2-3! We will be discussing how to manage assets after they leave your DAM.

TechLab: Managing your Assets AFTER they leave your DAM – with IMATAG

While digital assets are safe and under control inside a DAM, no one really knows what happens to them once there are distributed. Imatag patented invisible imprint and smart crawling makes it possible to know precisely where, how and by whom your assets are published ( on the web and in print) along with traffic analytics.

During this session, Imatag and DAM partner Wedia will explain how to track your brand valuable assets after they leave your DAM. Manage, control and understand how assets are used, monitor for compliance, traitor detection, usage rights, intellectual property or calculate earned media.

presented by:

  • Paul Melcher, Business Development, IMATAG
    Michael Iulo, Marketing & Production, WEDIA

Join us at this year’s gathering and use discount code IMATAG100 for an extra $100 discount.